Air Cargo Malawi Limited (ACM) was established under the Companies Act (CAP.46.03) in 1979, as a subsidiary of Air Malawi Ltd, the then national airline of Malawi. ACM was set up primarily to handle the cargo which was flying on flights of Malawi’s flag carrier.

The mandate of Air Cargo Malawi Ltd is: To provide safe and reliable carriage of goods by air, ancillary services and to promote any commercial activity beneficial to the business of the company.

The headquarters for ACM is at Kamuzu International Airport, Lilongwe, Malawi’s capital city. The other office for the company within Malawi is at Chileka International Airport, Blantyre. In the United Kingdom, Air Cargo Malawi Ltd has offices at Hatton Cross near terminal 4, London Heathrow Airport. In United Arab Emirates and the entire Middle East, ACM is represented by Al Rais Cargo Agencies as a General Sales Agent with offices in the Cargo Village in Dubai and Jebel Ali Free Zone. Other General Sales Agents are in most major cities of the world

Through the years, ACM has been the professional provider of airfreight and related services in Malawi. The mainstay of the business of Air Cargo Malawi has been regular freighter services between Malawi and the Netherlands, South Africa, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom


Since its inception, Air Cargo Malawi Ltd had achieved a track record of successful agreements with airlines like UTA (French Airlines) KLM Royal Dutch, Mike Kruger Airlines, Phoebus Apollo (South Africa) Das Air (Uganda) National Air Charters (Zambia) and Affreight air (Zimbabwe)..


Since the year 2006, Air Cargo Malawi Ltd has enjoyed a robust partnership with Emirates Airlines (EK) of the United Arab Emirates. The companies jointly, consistently operated weekly cargo direct flights between Dubai and Lilongwe. The freighter service commenced use of an Airbus 310F with a capacity of 34,000 kilograms.

Within a few years, the flight was upgraded to a Boeing 747F. As part of the fleet modernization program by EK, the route is serviced by the state-of-the-art Boeing 777F. The aircraft has a capacity of 103,000 kilograms. This is by far the biggest scheduled cargo flight into Malawi.

The weekly freighter connects from and to the rest of the extensive Emirates Airlines network. This assures the Malawi clients of smart flight and seamless connection of their cargo to or from most parts of the world.


As a state-owned enterprise, the Board of ACM comprises six private members and three ex-officials; the Secretary to Treasury, the Secretary for Transport and Public Works and the Comptroller of Statutory Corporations. The current Chairman is Mr. Mike Mlombwa.

The Company is headed by the Chief Executive Officer who reports to the Board Chairperson. Effective early November, 2017, Ms Evelyn Mwapasa is the Chief Executive Officer.

Top management comprises of The Chief Executive Officer, Director Of Operations and Director Of Finance. Mr Steven Mauluka is the Director Of Operations and Mr. Dumisani Chatima is the Director Of Finance. Below the Top management are the Sections Heads.


    » Freighter services between Blantyre/Lilongwe and Amsterdam, Dubai, Johannesburg and London.
    » Air Cargo Handling.
    » Malawi Revenue Authority approved temporary stores.
    » Road Feeder Service, Pick-up and Delivery.
    » Cold Storage facilities and Warehousing.
    » Agency on behalf of IATA Member Airlines
    » Cargo Charter flights.
    » Cargo Training, including Dangerous Goods.
    » Coordinating IATA/FIATA Examinations.

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