Fresh Consumables

Air Cargo Malawi Ltd shall ensure that all perishable cargo is carried in accordance with the current IATA Perishable Cargo Manual. Perishable goods are those whose condition may deteriorate if exposed to changes in temperature, humidity or due to delay in carriage, e.g. vaccines, vegetables, frozen meat/fish, fresh cut flowers and eggs.


Acceptance Guidance:

a)   Perishable cargo shall only be accepted for carriage when it is reasonably certain that it will reach its destination in good condition.

b) The shipper shall provide written instructions as to acceptable duration for transportation and of any special handling requirements. This instruction shall be shown on the air waybill and the package.

People the world over now enrich their dining tables with exotic fruit, fresh vegetables, delicious seafood and exquisite flowers throughout the seasons; and experience international flavours from the comfort of their own homes. Especially those in the catering sector, hotels and restaurants are keen on a variety of choice all year round. There's an art to delivering freshness.

So whether you're exporting exotic fruit to colder climates or distributing fresh flowers worldwide, our tailored Cool Chain solutions preserve the high quality of your goods in transit and the integrity of your cool chain, wherever your pick-up or delivery destinations are in the world. Choose from a range of solutions to prolong the shelf life of your products, including various levels of protection and monitoring of your goods during air transportation, complementing the packaging used by the shipper For more information on how Cool Chain Basic and Cool Chain Advanced can transform your business, contact your local Air cargo Malawi Ltd office or agent.

You can also refer to our perishable cargo restrictions and requirements (IATA PCR) for more information. We comply with the requirements for extra attention, special handling, acceptance and delivery processes by IATA and other governing bodies.

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People the world over now enrich their dining tables with exotic fruit..


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