Perishable Cargo:




Perishable goods are those whose condition may deteriorate if exposed to changes in temperature, humidity or due to delay in carriage, e.g. vaccines, vegetables, frozen meat/fish, fresh cut flowers and eggs.

Malawi being an organic agricultural based nation is able to produce quality and nutritious fresh foods which are on high demand worldwide.

Worried on how you can reach your market? Air Cargo Malawi will only ask you to fulfil the following:

As a shipper, you shall provide written instructions as to acceptable duration for transportation and of any special handling requirements.

    And Air Cargo will ensure that:

  1. You are advised of the minimum time that the carrier will accept the cargo before flight departure
  2. Onward reservations have been made where applicable
  3. Special handling facilities, e.g. cold storage, are available and if required, have been arranged for.
Simply because your cargo is precious and we believe in flying cargo smartly.

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